Identity: Who am I? I am.

November 2, 2018

Who am I? I am.


The more powerful of the two? I am. One leads us to identity, the other is identity. These sentences above have been massively instrumental in forming life in our world today. The question, coming from Greek philosophy of "know thyself." This coming from the oracle at Delphi and the entrance into the oracles chambers as the legend goes. The statement above coming from the Hebrew prophet Moses when communicating with GOD. Exodus 3:14 when GOD speaks to Moses and says "I am who I am." The great I am that lives within. The concept of GOD is over arching for all of self identity. Know thyself and know thy master. Know the environment. Know others. Know the power within and the power within others and the power in nature and the power all around. And no pressure, you will not know everything, that is, until. . . as I have heard believers say, in Heaven.


Before I begin, I still fight this battle I'm about to speak of. However, I am not a rookie in this battle and this information comes from education and experience. The voice of GOD (love, light, truth, and life) (Exodus 3) says, "I am that I am." It is not inherently evil to have a will or to say "I will." However, the voice of Satan (evil, lies, and death) says, "I will..." Isaiah 14:12-17. This is when Satan says he will be like GOD. This is when he is cast out immediately, like lightning falling from the sky. Therefore to know thyself, know who you are and have been. The deception of will leads to the great evils. "I will" do this, "I will" do that can be trickery if not commanded by GOD. They can fool the mind into thinking the race has been raced. Yet, my family, the "I will" of a command that has been given from GOD can also be ultra powerful. It is the moment we say, "I will by the Father's will." Not my will but thy will be done.


This is why discernment is necessary. I believe we can align our will with GOD's will and that in doing so, we become even further supernatural, which is transcendent natural. The mind lives in images and words, for certain, and possibly more. It's one thing to visualize success, a worthy cause for those with purified version of success. It's another to state it as our own will, a will that has not been purified by Holy Spirit. I'm not perfect in this explanation, I am not condeming having goals and visions, I am speaking about not believing the lies. Please, have goals and visions that comes from the One True GOD of love and love. Because remember, the spirit of prophecy is good and the spirit of prophecy does speak on to what will happen. We are able to forsee and also to speak into existence, as life and death are found in the power of the tongue; be wise my loved ones. If my future son or daughter is reading this, I love you. If my future wife is reading this, you are my other half, even though I am whole on my own, fulfillment of my GOD given desires must be done through our union, so I believe. My future wife, I have prayed for you every day since January 11, 2018 and even before I pray for your protection, provision, blessings and eternal salvation, in Yeshua Christ, amen. I pray protection, provision, blessings, and eternal salvation for all of my family; past, present and future; blood, soul, and legal. So again, the will can be good and is good if aligned with YHWH, Yeshua, and the Holy Spirit. However, we must be aware that there is an evil one who deceives. Even so there is a good one who is greater, much greater! GOD is good my loved ones. Hold on to hope, always. If you ever lose grip of hope, GOD has not lost grip of you, just believe, that's all we are asked to do when we seem hopeless and are broken hearted, just believe in the possiblity of healing and that GOD wants to heal us. You are never out of the reach of the Heavenly Father. My testimony holds true, my heart was smashed to pieces, a crushed heart, and still I was restored, hallelujah! All glory to GOD who is sufficient and infinite in perfect love, grace and wisdom. When I lost sight of hope, I gave what love I could and received love to near best of my ability and this reignited a massive hope that is eternal and never left me even though in my mind I was hopeless. I discovered I was always truly hopeful in a place that is holy in our bodily temple, the place where unconditional love resides. This is meant for you to be inspired, question, reflect and solidify on your beliefs and the way you use your mind and visualization skills. There is so much to unpack here and still so much to discover and rediscover. The voice of GOD said "Hayah 'asher hayah." My family, look up the full capacity, or as much as you are able, of the definitions of those words. This is the voice of truth, love, and life. We can declare over our lives with the power that GOD speaks with. Aligned with truth, when we say "I am," we put immense power. This is part of the power we inheret from the Holy Spirit, as sons and daughters of the Most High. The voice of GOD speaks to your prospering. Don't believe in spiritual warefare? Okay, then explain why do some plants give us nutrition and some plants poison us? Explain why oxygen and other necessary gases gives us life and some gases suffacate and kill us? Spiritual war. Life versus death. Good versus evil. Truth versus lies. Light versus void. Love has won.


In true science we learn nothing can gain coldness, just lose heat. This illustrates to me that it is not love versus evil, it is love versus not love. For where true love is, true love reigns. Nothing can exist in true love, except true love. True love is pure, holy, and real. For it to be true love, it must be pure love, a love that is only love. For it to be true love, it must be holy love, a love that is sacred and creates wholeness of self and all those unified in and through the holiness. For it to be true love, it must be real, something we can experience, subjectively and objectively. We are saved through grace by grace. We are saved through love by love. This is wisdom. I did not come up with this, I just testify to the power and truth of what I have experienced that is build in and with the testimony of others who are in the body of Christ. There is only one way to know true love and to know GOD, and that is through Christ. You have heard there are many roads that lead to destruction; this is a Biblical truth. And the world will say, there are many roads to God. I believe there is one road to GOD, and that it is through Christ. However, I believe there are many roads to Yeshua Christ. Family, take whatever road you are called to to get to know and have relationship with Yeshua Christ; from there I have trust and faith in the guidance, direction, judgement, and salvation of YHWH, Yehoshua HaMashiach (Jesus Christ the Anointed One), and the Holy Spirit. Christ overcame death on the cross by the resurrection. He also overcame death as he did when tempted in the desert while fasting for forty straight days. He then ministered the baptism of repentance and forgiveness of sins as John the Baptist prepared the way for him to preach; (Mark 1:4) and healed the sick and much more (too many verses to state. Yeah it's the Good News!). He forgave on the cross, an act of love and grace. Just like some can't fathom what one hundred trillion dollars looks like in person in hundred dollar bills, some have a hard time fathoming the torture, suffering, and nailing to a cross, the destruction of a body, being forsaken by GOD, to be the only begotten son of GOD, and STILL HE CRIED FORGIVENESS!


Many do meditations on how to manifest money; I recommend for your relationships and your own freedom that you do multiple meditations and imaginations of what it would be like to be Christ forgiving on the cross after the torturing; it has helped me forgive and to free my spirit and soul; as the layers continue to become released and fully free becomes more attainable.


It is also wise to do meditations as to what it is like to be those who are crucified by him, to be his followers who witness and did not fight to save him, to be his family members who watched, to being the ones who called for his death, to being a Roman soldier who witnessed. This helps to forgive those in our lives, as you meditate on being all these people, remember, Yeshua Christ forgave them all. Then, meditate as yourself and being forgiven for all of your sins. This is the grand mercy of the divine GOD. For it is by grace we are saved, that we also receive goodness beyond what we deserve and by mercy, that we receive less evil than what we deserve, as I have heard one of the pastors at my church say. Ask and you shall receive. Ask from your purified heart and believe with all of your heart, soul, mind, and body. Grow into your belief. Even if only a mustard seed worth of you believes, feed that, nourish that with the testimony of others and also with the blessings you have already received. Then continue to nourish that belief as it grows from a seed and into more of you and continue to nourish more and receive nourishment from others as it grows so much so that you are overflowing with belief. If you need more faith, ask for that too. GOD gives freely. Check what I have said with what is written in the Holy Bible.


"In all the chaos there is a cosmos, in all the disorder a secret order." Carl Jung


"As above so below"; from the Emerald Tablets, so the legend goes. The Lord's prayer Matthew 6:12 "Our Father who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name, thy kingdome come, thy will be done, on earth as in heaven. Give us this day, our daily bread, and forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us. Lead us not in temptation and deliver us from evil. Thy is the kingdom, the power, and the glory forever and ever, amen." On earth as in heaven, GOD's will. Some say we must love ourselves before we love others. I believe we can learn to love ourselves by the way we love others. Simple. Want to love yourself better? Start treating others better in love. WHAT?! Yeah! This love teaches us to be kind to ourselves and forgive and love ourselves as GOD forgives and loves us. We naturally have a desire to give love. We are to accept forgiveness and love. Then we are to forgive and love others from our own receiving of forgiveness and love. Up and up.


I believe Christ Jesus taught universal truths, that he demystified the mysterious and gave practical applications on how to behave in accordance to the great mystical laws for an abundant life. We are bio-electromagnetic beings, so if you want to call it the Law of Attraction, you are free to. Just do so that's aligned with the teachings of the messiah. I believe this abundance is an abundance of love, abundance of grace, abundance of wisdom, abudance of family, a wealth of nature that is balanced to not be greedy and devious but to be loving and giving. Miracles.


The image comes from the Dialectical Behavioral Therapy modality. This is a, yes a, how. Why is this important for identity? To have a rational concept of identity without alignment of the truth of your emotions is like putting your sail in the water and the boat somewhere else in the water. To have the wise mind is to put the sail effectively on the boat. Proper application and union for proper usage.


The plan was to: 1. Pose question. 2. Put science of the question to illuminate truth and eliminate lies and leave room for more truth and protect from lies seeping in. 3. Applications for experience. 4. People to follow. 5. Subjects of interest. 6. Links. 7. Story. 8. Next subject. To first pose a question and then put the deep science I have learned and explain the deep science in a way that a youth would understand and would be profound to an adult who needs a reFRESHer of heart and mind. To put the technique and explain the technique experience. To put people who are experienced and educated in the fields of interest and link these together. And then tell a story and finish with the next subject. This was the plan. As you will see, this is not exactly the case for this post.


Identity. We could talk about the psychological processes. We could talk about the ancients who were more concerned with this form of living than scientific living; those who questioned wanted peace, love and truth. We talk about the ancients as if all ancient people were doing this. That's not true. What is true is what is true. It was most likely a limited group, not necessarily small though that is likely, as is a big group and anything in between, of highly intelligent people who were afforded the time and luxury to think deeply and question in search of universal truths and those who lived in accordance by the grace of having wise rendering as a child and the grace received by seekers of truths. We could talk about how we are dust in the wind, created from star dust. We could talk about how we are spirits and souls. We could talk consciousness. We could talk diets. We could talk actions and group think. We could talk cognitive dissonance and confirmation bias. We could talk race and gender. We could talk love and sex. We could talk propaganda and social distortion. We could talk all sorts of things that we use to define who we are, whether correctly and to the highest virtue or not. There is just so much to the conversation. I am doing my best to be simple, understandable, clear and to put applications that lead closer to truth, not your truth, but the greater truth, absolute truth. You will still have your truth within this greater truth, keep seeking, until... The thing about "our truth" is that is can be deceptive. There is a greater truth. Some people may say, "well for me this is good." Sure that may be the case, and it also might be the case that you are lying to yourself and misleading others who are looking to you for clues, answers, and meaning. This is why greater truth overcomes. It takes great strength to choose truth. Example: "For me, I love the winter months and the snow, it's great for me and I thrive in this kind of weather." Sure, let's assume you are saying this from a house to withstand the bitter cold as well as clothes and supplies to get through without deep worry of if you will survive or not. This "truth" for you is not universal. Your condition is not universal. However, our identity might be universal.


"I wanted my players to always be searching, especially for truth. I wanted them to know what they believed and be able to defend it. Truth will always stand the test of scrutiny. I'm not a relativist. I don't think we are supposed to find our own truth. That's playing God. I believe in absolute truth and absolute sin and the Bible is my standard for determining those absolutes. With that in mind, I believe that an inquisitive person is more apt to discover truth than someone with a closed mind. That's why alertness is a building block in the Pyramid of Success." John Wooden, aka Coach. I will add that an open mind is not a weak mind that let's others tell them what to think, an open mind still defends, however, it is more willing to accept and assimilate truth rather than hold onto lies, unfinished truths, and deceit for psychological comfort. Psychological comfort is absolutely amazing when fueled by true love, grace, wisdom, honor and peace through the Holy Spirit.


The point is that my discovery of self has many layers to it.


Identity: (noun: a person, place, or thing) 1. the fact of being who or what a person or thing is. (sub-definition) the characteristics determining this. 2. a close similarity or affinity.


Origin: late 16 century (in the sense of 'quality of being identical'): from late Latin identitas from Latin idem 'same.'


You may be asking yourself, "how do I find out who I am?" There is a Biblical way of doing this that I am still working out. It is part of the refinement. Part of that Biblical way is transcendent to all cultures in that we have access to relationship to GOD. Jesus demonstrated how to do that with his love, grace, and wisdom. For those who doubt the Bible, just think about the power of ancient texts from a nation of tribes who learned to work together and prosper and they did this from the heart, the soul, the mind, and their bodies. World renowned for their intelligence, abundance of resources, and their caring for the community. Be aware of your own pride in your own knowledge and tradition. Seek the most wise by way of the Most High.


Self: (noun): a person's essential being that distinguishes them from others, especially considered as the object of introspection or reflexive action.

Synonyms: ego (not a bad thing when harnessed and refined), I, oneself, persona, person, identity, character, personality, psyche, soul, spirit, mind.


"To be, or not to be? That is the question." William Shakespeare.


Steps of Self Discovery to know your True Identity and Being Genuine.

Find, define, and refine myself.

Stand firm or refind and redefine.


Application to find yourself: Go out in sacred nature for extended period of time, alone. Go to a foreign place. Pray to GOD. Ask yourself, "What do I love to do that uplifts my being from a purified heart?" "Holy Spirit, who do you say I am?" The answers that arise should make the hair on your body stand up with a positive excitement of revelation. If you feel bad at any moment, keep going, there is revelation through the discomfort and pain of being known on the other side. There is a greater beauty in being truly known, fully known and still loved. We ask for all truth because GOD is love. Also, use more time in heart focused awareness and continue the process of being.

Application to define yourself: Write a letter to your future self about all the qualities that you are thankful for in your future self, or write out a testament of the core values that no one can knock you off of. Focus on values and virtues and how you make others feel and how you serve and how that makes you feel.

Application to refine yourself: Ask close loved ones to you, one at a time, and then in a group if desired. "Who do you say I am?" Matthew 16:15. Observe, listen to others. They are your close loved ones, their opinions matter. They are the ones who are praying for fulfillment of the prayers you share with them. Be aware of yourself. Refine towards your virtues. If you fit in, that's amazing, fitting in is not evil, families are knit together in love. If you stand out, that's amazing, stand out and follow your purified heart. There will be times you fit in and times you stand out, don't become obsessed with one or the other, that will lead to an identity that is not build in values but in condition.

Application for identity: Build a life resume. That means create cherished memories.


I ask for health, wisdom, happiness and fulfillment. This means that a healthy and wise person seeks and obtains happiness and fulfillment. This means that a happy and fulfilled person has health and wisdom. YOLO - You only live once; which is a Biblical concept. YOYO - You're only young once. (Maybe I want to be forever young at heart.) The point is being happy and fulfilled. I believe that is what a healthy and wise person wants for themselves and their family and friend and their families.


Who we are is always in the context of family. This is part of how our subjective realities meets with shared, objective reality.


"It's important to look at yourself, really see who you are." From "Mind Gym"


Books of interest: The Holy Bible, Mind Gym, Unbeatable Mind, Emotional Intelligence, Blink, My Stroke of Insight, Outliers, Man's Search for Meaning and the Holy Bible.


People to follow: Yeshua Christ (Jesus), Barry Sappington, Craig Osbourne, Carl Jung, Mark Divine, your purified heart, your wise elders who are loved and respected, and who else?


A trait of the strongest people is that they look at who they have been, who they are, to really look with a heart to purify and be their best in the way that they condone themselves, treat others, and use time, energy, and resources. Their virtues become second nature to them. And just like we can practice breath, which is second nature, we can choose to practice our virtues. However, for those receiving the help they may not see a practice, they may see the performance, unless there is a relationship there, then they may see and appreciate the effort and practice while simultaneously receiving it as a performance. Those who look at themselves deeply tend to value and respect life and others very much and the rewards of that include peace and happiness, which are attractive traits.


Application: Get in a still place. Be in your heart and your highest virtues of mind. Ask yourself and witness the responses. Know that this is just one time of addressing these questions. The more we do this, the more we can solidify what is truly true and reveal what is perceived to be true. Who am I? Where am I? When am I? What am I? Why am I? What shapes my identity? Do your answers make you smile and your heart jump with pure childlike bliss through enlightenment? Do your answers light up your deep organs and body with a visceral bliss energy. Do they make you want to dance and sing happily? Do they make you want to celebrate and cherish that you are alive? How alive do you want to be?


Affirmation I used on repeat for many days, weeks, and months and use today at the time of this writing and update June 29, 2019. I share this from my heart. "I choose celebration and consistency in Christ." amen.


People have a hard time changing because of identity. One issue is when the identity is being tied to a negative habit that is holding back immediate and lasting transformational change of decision making. There is no greater teacher to follow than Jesus Christ, Yeshua HaMashiach. He leads to GOD, the infinite power of miracles and unconditional love and grace. He also leads to living a life full of love and loving your neighbor as yourself. Remember, even your family can be your neighbor ("Tho shall not have hate in your heart towards your brother, tho shall love thy neighbor as thyself: I am the LORD." Leviticus 19:18. He also leads to The Holy Spirit, a miraculous energy that ignites the truth within. There may be those who get mad that I use the word energy, that is because they do not know what I mean by energy or what the full definition of what that word means. Anways, peace be with you. I believe as we live in our bodily temples our neighbors are all we come into contact with that have the spirit of God within them. And all that breathe have the spirit of God in them. This is part of having a nephesh, a soul. Here's a thought worthy of meditation. Stay with the innocence of the message please and forgive my imperfection. For a married person, your neighbor is your spouse. For parents, your neighbor is also your children. For children, your neighbors are your family and friends. The neighboring heart is your neighbor. This is how the nations are being transformed and the prophecy of peace is being contended for until the end of days. The end of days may be the time when the sun explodes, that destruction of mankind may not be mankind, but the greater power we never had control of in the first place, like a super volcano or asteroid. Though this likely to be true, we are not called to be motivated by death but by love and life. Find peace in this Biblical truth. The great peace is coming and I believe to be more fulfilling than ever imagined. A time of oneness with nature, a time of oneness with humanity, a time of abundant love and blessings and a life of celebration in the glory of GOD. The time is now. The transformation is coming worldwide because it has already happened in cultures and is continuing to happen and spread. The love, grace, wisdom, peace and beauty of Christ is manifesting in others. Be love. Be in love. True Love transforms all things into love that is worthy of True Love. Hallelujah, amen.


Beware of the ease of listening to others. Do you know their background? Do you really know them? Then why do you listen to them? Why are you listening to my words? Do you seek wisdom? Why then do you listen to people who are speaking their appeasement and complaints and you join in saying they are right? Is that wise? The choice is yours. Part of the fight or flight response of our human nature is also the freeze and appease behavioral response. Fight, flight, freeze, and appease.

People find it easier at times to connect on what they hate or possibly worse, they put on a false face to try and connect on something good. I have seen the good and the bad. The good is powerful and the bad is also powerful. The truth will make you free. John 8:32 "They will know the truth and the truth will set them free." Jesus Christ, also known as Yasu, Yeshua, Joshua, Jahoshua, Yehoshua, The Prince of Peace, The Messiah, The Lamb of GOD, and the King of Kings, the only begotten Son of GOD, and more. This is because he is the king of mankind as the one to set us free back into our hearts and spirits showing every man to be a king. The Father is still the creator of all things, making him the King of Kings and also the King of the King of Kings. "For GOD is spirit and those that worship GOD worship in spirit and in truth." Jesus in John 4:24. Jesus was not the first person in the Bible to be called a son of GOD. There are even those in the Old Testament who are called elohiym, which is a special name for YHWH. This is why Yeshua says, "Is it not written in your Law, 'I have said you are "gods." John 10:34 quoting Psalm 82:6, Isaiah 41:23, Exodus 21:6, and 22:8-9. Mosheh (Moses), King David, the prophet Isaiah, wrote that even men are worthy of being called 'elohiym. Yeshua Christ himself is written to have said this. And some proud Christians get mad when people of other religions say that every person has a divinity and a god and goddess like attributes? Even the messiah himself said this to be a truth. The usage of the word 'elohiym goes as such by way of the The KJV, which translates Strong's H430 ('elohiym) in the following manner: God (2,346x), god (244x), judge (5x), GOD (1x), goddess (2x), great (2x), mighty (2x), angels (1x), exceeding (1x), God-ward (with H4136) (1x), godly (1x).


"I have said, Ye are gods; and all of you are children of the most High. But ye shall die like men, and fall like one of the princes." Psalm 82:6-7.


"The judges of Psalm 82 were called “gods” because in their office they determined the fate of other men. Also, in Exodus 21:6 and 22:8-9, God called earthly judges “gods.”" David Guzik study guide for John 10 by way of 


The messiah was coming to let every person know we are royalty and that all of us are children of GOD if we follow the commands, as he taught universal truth. And Christ said if we keep his commands, the commands of YHWH, the LORD, we are also to be called children of the Most High as alluded in Luke 6:35. This is written in the Torah many times over; Exodus 19:5, Exodus 23:22, Deuteronomy 28:1, 1 Samuel 15, 22 (debateable however a definite closity for reference), Isaiah 1:19 (as Yeshua Christ is the savior of our souls because YHWH is the savior of our souls), Jeremiah 7:23, Jeremiah 11:4, Psalm 103:18 (again a close call), and Malachi 3:17 (close). That leaves at least five verses in the Old Testament that directly say we are children, and/or the people of the Most High if we follow YHWH's commands. This is also part of the claim that Yeshua Christ is the manifestation of YHWH. Yet, it is also a definite claim that people have a divinity to us.


I am a child of GOD. Every person ever, first has the role of child. It's the one place we can all relate. We all were babies. Look at the influence that others have on babies. Who influenced you? For better or worse? What is good and what is bad? What was forced on you and what was actually from love? Was there security or insecurity as the major characteristic trait of your parents, especially when rendering? Was it from wisdom, love or fear for your own life or from their own conditioning that they conditioned you with in that moment and to what mix? It is important to know yourself so you may know others truly. Who will you follow and why? Who will you lead and why? Who do you want to be and why? Have you gone back to see where your values and ideals came from? Do they make your heart jump and dance? The better we can know ourselves and how easily we are influenced as babies, the easier it is to forgive.


My king, savior, hero and role model is a servant king who is written to have said that I too am a son of GOD, making me a servant king with power and authority to spread love, grace, peace and freedom. "Do things that are noble and worthy." Jordan Peterson. That is for the greatest good that is lasting for self, family, community, culture, country, and world.


Identity in the context of family. Identity in the heart. Our hearts have answers for who we are born to be. Without the heart being alive, it's a guarantee you're not fully alive. How do I know if my heart is alive? Do you feel a surge of energy and power? I mean big waves of energy when tapping into the source of our being. Back to the heart being the first creation and where I believe GOD dwells in us, the spark of divinity. As two cells, sperm and egg, fuse to become one cell and then the nuclear fusion of life expands from there; the spark of divinity. It's not a mystical idea anymore, even though still miraculous. The spark of divinity is the spark of life, the creation moment has been recorded and there is in fact a flash of light. It does not create itself later in life, we return to it when we learn our identity. Revelation may "start" in the head but the revelation happens when the mind gets aligned with the source, in the heart.


Gratitude. Finding identity in virtues. I discovered that virtues acted out are more of a character definer than anything else. Some people who want to identity themselves as "I like it this way" sure that may be true but why? Is there a virtue behind it or are you just holding on to the identity that gives you security rather than letting go and finding the source of all good, including love and security. "I'm just a crossfitter, it's part of who I am." Okay, why? Is it for the virtue or health of your bodily temple or is it for identity of community or is it just trying to fit in in a culture where endorphins are high and there is a sense of purpose and accomplishment? Do you question whether wherever you have a high endorphin sense of purpose and accomplishment is the most best for your life? Do you want sophisticated taste for your performance? We can, and do, also find identity in social constructs. Being part of a team, an initiative, the body of Christ. Just like dolphins have communities and are each an individual dolphin and make up a pod, people are the similar. Just like a player is part of a team and without the team, there would be one player, just one individual. Our social construct is much bigger, much closer to the likes of an ant mound, or a forest of trees, shrubs, and other plant life. As entire fields of trees can share one root system and one nervous system. Still, we are humans who are able to transcend specialization of insencts and be whole, well rounded and adventurous individuals and communicate at a level that is unlike any other creature on this earth. We truly are special, just look again with fresh eyes.


Finding identity. I am. It is the construct of Greco philosophy "know thyself" and it is the beginning of the Law, written by Moses. "I am that I am." GOD that dwells within. The Creator, the Source, the Truth that gives definition of identity. Exodus 3:14.


Luke 6:35-38 "But love your enemies, and do good, and lend, expecting nothing in return; and your reward will be great, and you will be sons of the Most High; for he is kind to the ungrateful and the selfish. Be merciful, even as your Father is merciful. Do not judge, and you will not be judged. Do not condemn, and you will not be condemned. Forgive, and you will be forgiven. Give, and it will be given to you. A good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over, will be poured into your lap. For with the measure you use, it will be measured to you." This transcends the law of Karma of actions and goes into the law of the heart, which a lot of believers in Christ have a hard time looking at with true investigation. The thing with Jesus though is not to just do the action, that does not bear fruit alone, not the same kind. The goodness must come sincerely from the heart, that is the call and the reward exists. Then you will receive the good you give in greater portion. Possibly one of the reasons people have a hard time with it is because of the grace of forgiveness, which is a true thing. So, the complexities continue, clearly. 


The thing about judging is that when you judge a person for the negative, you subconsciously withdraw from that person making even their good traits undesirable in your subconscious and possibly conscious if you are aware. If we do judge, judge righteously to defend not the ego but the virtue, as judges and courts are designed for justice and liberty for all, as imperfect as they are, they are good. Those who are called holy and righteous are called to judge the action and not the person and lead the person to repentance and forgiveness of sins. Only GOD can judge the actions, the person, the soul, and the spirit. So if we judge and condemn a person, we may have anger and hate, then what happens when we have that thought or do that thing ourselves? Does not the self hate and self anger spring up? What emotion are we now feeling for ourselves? This is why grace is powerful and love covers all things.


You matter. You are more than a role. You are more than all that you have done and ever will do. You are more than the present moment. You are eternal. This is the teaching of Christ. Everlasting life. Part of everlasting salvation is that it starts now, according to John Elderedge in "Awaken the Dead." something I believe in deeply.


More than a role. We have our identity in GOD. From a psychological perspective, if your identity never has been taken away from you or severely challenged to the point of doubt or true loss, how do you know who you really are? You never know how strong you are until that's your only option or you have a strong enough reason why to withstand the transformation, so strong people have said. They have also said that there is so much more in us than we have experienced. The Phoenix that burns alive and rises from the ashes. Yeshua Christ says to be reborn in water and spirit, something I will unpack more of later. Yes, to be reborn, transformed into your highest ideals and wholeness, and living from the source of your being, your purified heart, with the fullness of your heart, soul, mind, and body.


Power words: Beliefs, values, capabilities, behavior, environment, attitude, character, persona, choice, emotions, wisdom, esteem, nature, and faith.


Find. Define. Refine.

Stand firm or redefine.

Ask. Give meaning. Give direction. (Can also be eureka meaning and epiphany direction as in a direction you did not give yourself but was given to you).


There is freedom, true freedom. It exists. I have found true freedom in the body of Christ who have loved me whole and loved me healed. Yes, I accepted that love and still am working on being better and honoring that healing. However, there are glimpses of real identity. Yes, I see miracles daily, all to the glory of GOD.


"The glory of GOD is man fully alive." Saint Irenas. This, of course, applies to you too woman. Free people free people. It is not man versus woman. It is man and woman. I have became whole only to realize that I am half of a greater whole. Most likely that greater whole is still part of an even greater whole.


Luke 5:20 "And when he (Jesus) saw their faith he said, "Man, your sins are forgiven you."

Luke 6:48 "And he said to her, 'Your sins are forgiven.'"

Healthy self. Heal thy self. "You never really know yourself until you see yourself under pressure." Joyce.


True Identity. Take care of your own awakening and then you'll learn to have your own answers that are fulfilling to know and have relationships with GOD through Christ. Without your own awakening, you guarantee not everyone is awake. If you are not healed, you guarantee not everyone is healed. If you are not loving, you guarantee not everyone is loving. If you do not have peace, you guarantee that there is not world peace. This is why we must choose to become the virtues we want to see in the world. I have hope of a world where all people are loving and we celebrate life. Most of my answers have been discovered and embodied already by people.


“Mastery is having a depth of comfort in what you do. You’re comfortable with any set of circumstances. I think about that with climbing. Broadening the comfort zone. Going on rest day adventures that are a little bit hard in some different way. Then anytime something happens you’re like, ‘O yeah, that, I can deal with that.’ That to me is a sense of mastery.” Alex Honnold.


"Greatness is what reveals itself, when you....when you really attempt to formulate...when you attempt to carefully articulate and live out what you believe to be true. It just happens. Because there isn't anything more powerful than truth. That's the antidote to suffering, truth. It's a strange thing because it produces a lot of suffering itself. Yeah, in the short term." Jordan Peterson


A part of greatness and mastery is when "just do it" becomes "I am doing it" and "just did it." The earned effortless perfection or near perfection.


Reborn Identity: "Your heart is a butterfly waiting to come out of the cocoon, born again transformed, and your lungs are the wings." Holy Spirit, lead the way home, the place where I belong.


Yes, I know I am uncanny. It came at a price. I am thankful to all those who have helped give me a sense of purpose and peace with life here on Earth. This is my attempt to do something worthy of the second chance at life I have been given and honor those who have given their life for me to live.


Be real. Be you. Be free. 


GOD loves you.


Next subject: Society.








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