The Necessary Nine of Human Health

October 20, 2018



Where to begin? We are a continum of life. Our ancestors have learned and improved life and we are alive today thanks to Spirit, the gifts of Earth, our ancestors, and each other.


One year ago today I arrived in San Diego, packing up my life in Austin, Texas and leaving behind, who knows what I left behind, I just know I was sent. I came to San Diego to heal. I came to San Diego not to find myself, but to be myself. We get blessed to become a blessing. I discovered healing and now it is my honor to point the way to wholeness, to be a beacon. However, I must warn you, I became whole only to realize that as a whole I am half of a greater whole.


What is it you are thinking right now? Who are you? Do you mostly love yourself? How did you get to this page? Do you have a sense of wonder? Do you desire exhileration and adventure? Do you desire deep meaningful connection? What is it you are looking for? What do you need? Do you need better health? Do you need light and love in your life? What do you want? Do you want to improve performance of being a human being? Who do you love? Do you want to love and honor them better? What is most important to you? Are you wondering what are the necessary components of life? These are the essential pillars that every living human being encounters from a moment to moment basis in our lifetimes. Life is experiential. What do you want to experience? If you want to experience a better spiritual, emotional, mental and physical health, you have come to a good place. I have been blessed to receive and discover the pattern of living known as "The Necessary Nine of Human Health."


Every person deals with these nine categories of human health. They are building blocks and components; the necessities of life. They are:

1. Mindset: To unlock the heart, to navigate life, to create and be.

2. Breath: The most important nutrient is oxygen.

3. Hydration: Water, two gases combined, is essential to human life.

4. Nutrition: We are what we eat and what we absorb.

5. Movement: Movement is healing and necessary to live.

6. Posture: Snapshot moments in time and place of stillness.

7. Recovery: Sleep, rest, and modalities to improve rejuvenation.

8. Environment: We all live in an ecosystem and it shapes us.

9. Relationships: To GOD, to self, to nature, to others and more.


Filled with my best attempt to teach, I will be unpacking each of these necessities and go into depth of each category to explain science, research, and ancient wisdom for your practical understanding. I will also inform you of applications for how to improve, maintain, and be aware of how to live a good healthy life. Each one of these subjects is "a meter wide and a mile deep" as the saying goes. Each subject has a mutlitude of ideas, research, applications, ancient wisdom and modern science to improve your life, the life of your family members, and the lives of your community. Humanity has been experiencing a great awakening of individuals for the last thousands of years. Self improvement is a very popular movement. Have you asked why? We all are searching for living our best and favorite life. The next step in conscious evolution is collective awakening. This is the awakening that elevates entire families and communities. This is the awakening that cooperation leads to more abundance for more people than competition mindset system. Collective awakening is the power of community working towards the highest ideals. Your body is a temple. Please, allow me teach you ways to love and honor your temple.


Individually, you matter. What you do matters. We are the collective.

Collectively, we find pupose and meaning to living and are exponentially more powerful. The collective is made up of individuals.


If you want to live a happy, fulfilled, healthy, and wise life; there is something very important you must know, the most important.

That something is One thing.


Next subject: Heart.



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